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Photo by Bettina May

As a burlesque artist, Ben is known as "The Dashing Dervish", and is one half of the Burlesque Hall Of Fame winning duo, 2toFly.


He and partner, Joshua Dean, Host the monthly circus showcase "BIG TOP" on the first thursday of the month at new york's famed and infamous the Slipper Room.


  They are also co-creators of Burlesque Hall Of Fame Winning Boys' Night revue with Mr. Gorgeous and Jason mejias, running seasonally at the Slipper Room.  


festival performances include: 

The BurlesquE hall Of Fame, new york burlesque & boylesque festivals, vienna Boylesque Festival, Edmonton burlesque festival, Savannah Burlesque Festival & seattle boylesque festival.

Ben can be seen on stages of all sizes throughout New York City.

The Mariachi Man
Teach Me How To Shimmy
Hot Cop
Jack Skellington Burlesque
2toFly in The Mad Tea Party
2toFly in Canine Capers


Franklin and Dean had the audience rolling in the aisles portraying drunken Germans in lederhosen offering beer and bites of Toaster Strudel to willing audience members. Franklin’s transformation from a Jack Skellington-inspired character to Santa in a red leather harness and matching leather jockstrap tickled ribs and libidinous desires equally.

David Clarke -

"The husky beefcake man-meat of 2 To Fly doing a strip/reverse strip as one dressed the other while the other undressed the one—all through duo acrobatics. These two boys—fun, hot, strong as hell, and making me question my number on the Kinsey scale. "

J.D. Oxblood - Burlesque Beat

Ben Franklin: Yes that's his real name. A dapper beard and curled mustache reminiscent of Victorian era England adorned his smiling face. He is a hula-hoop connoisseur, the physical embodiment of every 90's child's dreams, with the ability to whip hoops around any appendage while simultaneously whipping his clothes off. If you blink, it appears to be a quasi-magic trick.

Benjamin J. Bogard - Guy Social

New York’s 2 To Fly finished with an athletic acrobatic routine based on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Their synchronization was incredible, as well as their physicality. They walked off stage to a standing ovation.

Jimmy "The Pickpocket" Berg: Burlesque Beat

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